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Laminate Planks

Laminate is often considered a better choice over timber flooring for its durability; the surface features a hard protective top layer. These long 1.8m planks feature huge variation in wood patterns and a beautiful ‘embossed-in-register’ surface for an authentic wood feel.

Why laminate?

Laminate is considerably more cost-effective than buying hardwood and it’s authentic, natural look, makes it nearly indistinguishable from the real thing.

Extremely durable, there’s less worry when it comes to wear and tear as it’s highly resistant to stains and spills, making it the perfect, easy to maintain solution for every room.

Laminate is not recommended for wet areas such as bathrooms as the humidity and temperature changes can cause damage to the wood core.

If you want the hardwood look with increased durability, laminate is the perfect pick for you. If maintaining a perfect finish isn’t a concern, a timber floor may also be a suitable option; sunlight, pets and foot traffic can eventually affect the finish of a timber floor. The durable wear layer on laminate protects the floor from most impact damage. 

This is our recommendation based on your answers; however, most flooring products are suitable for use in most cases. It’s your choice!

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Laminate planks

Audacity is the ultimate laminate flooring, designed to be water-resistant, extra durable and easy to maintain. Featuring the latest flooring designs and beautiful ‘embossed-in-register’ surface for an authentic wood feel.

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